Infatuation Cure

Ever wonder what your hero may be doing right now?   Where he is, what he thinks about what makes him tick-   sorry it’s not you and he’s not it.   (More likely than not he’s standing right next to you, why don’t you just ask him?)

Dignity Check

If you throw yourself readily at people you've never met you'll throw yourself at strangers strangers can be anybody and anybody could mean anything and you're worth more than that.

2.41 am

11.07.19   Suddenly there was this perfect little baby boy his whole life ahead of him I look upon that innocent face and smile inside and out a proud auntie.   Life- be gentle with him be kind.


There is tragedy in staring out through windows waiting for something anything- to happen ​ delivery man arrives, more parcels post arrives, more bills cat returns home, meows for food nurse arrives, more pills bird flies by, shits down the glass newspaper arrives, more lies hearse arrives; bad news. ​ (I need to get some … Continue reading Empty

The Key

Countless tears later I raise my head, open my eyes to see the world surrounding me, moving past me time slipping by, without me I wake to find I am still pacing in a circle after years going nowhere   -but here   Here is a place I’ve been before nothing much has changed though … Continue reading The Key

Crazy Lady

Everybody says that the lady is crazy everybody laughs when she does crazy things everybody says that her words are absurd nobody listens when the crazy lady sings everybody points and stares as she walks by everyone has an opinion, to whisper or sigh everybody knows her face, no-one knows her name the crazy lady … Continue reading Crazy Lady


Numerous times the rod was swung bait cast out into the water maggots tossed into their midst Still, the fish continued to outsmart his hook nonchalantly growing fat on the feast if their bulging eyes could wink at him, they did silent and smug, as they swam away.   Until- a pathetic silver thing with … Continue reading Fish


Words can help, hinder, harm or heal we are socially isolated switched on, to an idle daily commentary with ourselves. Within four walls, behind closed doors loneliness is crowded -the crowd desperately lonely. All that spills through flickering screens into our eyes is us, screaming silently for each other.   Our fingertips tap-dance across the … Continue reading Fingertips


I see a fine vintage dress with seams torn, lace trimmings frayed ribbons and bows unravelling in a tattered old wardrobe in an abandoned house slowly but surely reclaimed by nature I catch my reflection in broken windows notes of femininity in the paint peeling away from every wall.


I walk through a crowd of glass people I sense fragility, falsehoods and fears I read the transparent words that fall from their tongues and for better or worse true sentiments reveal themselves feathers of honesty or daggers of deceit.   With each lie I watch insecurity attempt to hold itself together to seem unbreakable … Continue reading Glass